Sound Healing

"Sound will be the medicine of the future."

-- Edgar Cayce, ‘The Sleeping Prophet’

    Since ancient times, all over the world, sound vibration has been recognized for its seemingly magical healing power. 

     The notion of sound healing begs some questions.  First, which sounds are healing and why? 

    The second question is, what’s the best way to cause the body to vibrate?



In a Session

In a Resonant Body session we begin by gently vibrating the whole body using OM.  I guide you in a meditation, noticing which areas of your body are resonating well, and which ones less so.  In this way we create a map of your resonant body.  From what we learn in this meditation we create an intention for the session(s).

    If you have areas of pain, immobility, tension, traumatic dissociation, we work together, agreeing what sounds create the resonance we want in those areas. 

    Sometimes these things unravel easily, other times it’s more difficult.  You can have a toxic reaction when emotional  residue that’s been trapped is suddenly released into your system.

    Whether or not there are issues the goal is peak resonance.