Sound Healing

"Sound will be the medicine of the future."

-- Edgar Cayce, ‘The Sleeping Prophet’

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What is Sound Healing? 


Entry Questionnaire

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What people say about Resonant Body


Is it like a massage?

It’s like a massage, but deeper.  The sensations seem to come from within.  This work requires no touching, __

There’s no touching?

No touching is needed. 

Will I be disrobing?

No disrobing is necessary.  Dress comfortably.  You’ll want to take off your shoes, maybe some jewelry.  You might remove your belt if it affects the contact of your back with the table.

Are there side effects?

There are no adverse side effects.  You may experience a release of physical tension or repressed emotions lingering in your body, and be suddenly confronted with the reasons for their being there. 

What if I already feel great?

Then you’re going to feel amazing.

Cost Structure

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Resonant Body in Santa Fe

The Benefits of Sound Healing

Scientifically documented physical and psychological effects, and much more.

In a Session

What to expect in a session